Not even a word, actually.

The Global Language Monitor, which manages language around the globe (obviously), tracked the most popular words used in daily parlance and conversation for their annual survey.

The most popular word of 2014 was... ♥.

No, we're not being cute or flirting with you - it's the heart emoji.

That's right, the most popular word of 2014 was a little picture of a heart. Christ.

According to their survey, the heart emoji was used in total of 373 MILLION tweets and topped their survey.

Following that, hashtag was the second most popular word, followed by vape. Amazing.

Here's the ten most popular words of 2014. Look and be horrified.


1. ♥

2. Vape

3. Hashtag

4. Blood Moon (Really?)

5. Nano (Something to do with nano-technology, maybe)

6. Photo Bomb (Because who doesn't love to do this, right?)

7. Caliphate (A land ruled by an Islamic caliph, typically under Sharia Law)

8. White privilege (O...K ...)


10. Bashtag (Human life is coming to an end)


via Global Language Monitor