Most people have a pet name for their partner, be it something along the usual lines of 'honey' or something a bit more out there like 'Snugglepants McLoverface'. 

After a survey across the water in England revealed that the most popular term there was 'Darling', the folks at the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM decided to conduct a poll and ask the people of Ireland whether they have a pet name for a loved one and what it was. 

After such a great display by the Irish football team last night, it can only be described as a disappointment as the rest of the nation let us down in a big way in this survey. The results revealed that 'Babes' was the top of the list, something which reflects incredibly poorly on us all for allowing this to happen. The top five in full is: 

1. Babes

2. Princess

3. Puddin'

4. Honeybunny

5. Queen

Only one vote for "Handsome McHandsome" was cast, which we think is a travesty and we demand a recount. As we all should know, this is, of course, the only acceptable use of the word babe. 

One particular listener, also disappointed with the position of babes in the list, summed it up pretty well: "My sister-in-law calls my brother 'babe' all the time. My nephew is two-and-a-half and in the past few months has started calling his dad 'dad-babe'".

On a side note, any use of the term babe looks and sounds like this. Do you want to look like this?