Travel website Miss Travel conducted a survey recently to find out who the most attractive nationalities on the planet were, and Irish women may not be too happy.

The number one country for the ladies was Brazil (so topical right now), while that was followed, in order from highest to lowest, with Russia, Colombia, The UK, The Philippines, Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, South Africa and the Canadian hotties rounded out the top ten. Eh. Sorry.

It was better news for Irish lads, as we managed to creep in there in a respectable 7th. The male list was topped by the Aussies while the Italians came in as runners up with the British, Scottish, Spanish, American, Brazilian, Canadian and Dutch men all padding out the rest of the rop ten.

Sure look it, a place in the top ten is decent enough for the lads, even if it was between a Yank and a Brazilian.