Of all the weird and wonderful tattoos you could get, this has to be up there with the best/worst of them. Jackson Rathbone who you'll know as Jasper, the creepy constipated looking vampire from Twilight, has recently shown the world his Heinz Ketchup bottle tattoo. "I just really like ketchup" says the actor. I like it too, pal, and if I was going to choose a brand of ketchup I'd have gone for Heinz too - no Chef ketchup in my gaf - but a permanent homage to it printed on your shin? No thanks.

Chatting with Wendy Williams to promote the latest Twilight, the actor said: "I hate ketchup! No, no, I love ketchup. I got a lot of flack for it growing up from my family... My dad would always say, 'Do you want a little hamburger with that ketchup?' I was like, 'Dad I hate that joke.'"

Erm, OK. As odd as this may be, it's pales in comparison with - on the subject of Twilight - the tattoo in the image below. Yes, that's an actual person.