If you watch enough children's television, like 'Peppa Pig' or 'Postman Pat', you begin to see the inconsistencies in the stories.

In fact, so much of it is so clearly lies and completely inexplicable. 'Thomas The Tank Engine' is one example. The whole thing about them being "useful" is such crap. Are you trying to say that simply because you don't contribute, you're somehow useless? What if you're unable to be "useful"? Plus, Thomas was such a stuck-up assh*le of a train. Everyone knew Edward or James should have been the star.

For Twitter user Cain_Unable, the beef was with 'Postman Pat' and his utter inability to do his job. To be fair, there are no inconsistencies with the logic on display here.

Postman Pat really was useless at his job, and the fact that generations grew up thinking he was some kind of folk hero is ridiculous. Plus, Jess The Cat was often locked in that van without so much as a window open. What kind of sick f*ck leaves a cat locked in a van without some kind of ventilation?

Anyway, here's Cain_Unable's Twitter rant about Postman Pat that articulates what we've all been thinking about him.