This (VERY) rough translation requesting the whereabouts of all the pygmies (it'll make sense after you've seen brüno) could very well be one of the many things I'll be bellowing at tomorrow's London premiere.
As for clapping eyes on some pygmies tomorrow in London? The likelihood is high. For, you see, brüno (there's no point referring to him as Sacha Baron Cohen until the he's done with all the premieres) is attending the premiere of his new movie in Leicester Square, and have been invited along to enjoy the spectacle. We've been promised a "stunt" which has been "shrouded in secrecy".

Given he proudly marched up the gold carpet at the French premiere yesterday, despite being near-severed by a pair of nigh-arseless, bejeweled micro-lederhosen, we can only hope for the same. Or maybe he'll sport his velcro suit with a herd of pygmies attached to it, like broaches in motion. Or perhaps his hoop will make contact with an unsuspecting journalist's face *crosses fingers*. Perchance his giddlefreund might look less traumatised. One thing's for certain, there will be kugelsacken und seite booben aplenty.
As has become the norm; we will be Twittering from the event (assuming my phone doesn't go missing in the vicinity of a newly bleached arsenhaller). And the good news is, you don't actually have to join Twitter to enjoy the experience, you can just look at our page. Many, many of you musn't like Twitter, which explains why we've got the grand total of 220 followers... *stifles dejected whimper*

One last thing - fancy being one of the first people in Ireland to survey the wonder that is fire extinguisher aided pygmy love? We have a number of tickets to a preview screening in The Savoy, Dublin which is due to take place on Tuesday, June 30th. Make your way to our competitions page to deposit your entry (apologies. The photos have corrupted me).