Say what you want about An Post, at least they deliver. Well, they at least deliver the ridiculous crap that this guy has been sending around.

Just because we say that if you write a name and a place on your package it’ll get there safe doesn’t mean you should test it. Well David Curran like to test it seemingly, and then puts the results on Tumblr. He's been wasting the poor postmen’s time with jigsaw puzzles, miniature globes, and crossword puzzles, and most of them have actually got delivered.

Yeah, our postal service rocks people, take some pride. Now, who said we needed postcodes?

The ones with an address wheel mechanism and a pop-up address both got delivered.

As did the jigsaw and crossword ones.

Although he wasn't as lucky with the clear plastic attempt, or the globe.

But that wasn't a problem, seeing as he managed to get a Yeats poem wrapped inside a toilet roll delivered. Well done, Sir, well done.

Now, the next time you're wondering why your post is late, there's your answer.

Via Mashable