It's not too often that you hear of an Irish man captaining an England team, but one Dubliner is in the headlines this morning for all the right reasons.

Eoin Morgan, from Rush, Co. Dublin, captained England to their first-ever Cricket World Cup win yesterday as they beat New Zealand in dramatic fashion.

Morgan has attracted criticism in the past for declaring for England through his English mother, but there's no question that he is a talented player who is capable of playing the sport at its top level.

There was much talk of Brexit and the fact that many immigrants make up England's winning team this morning, while Morgan won praise for noting the team's diversity in the post-match press conference. 'We had Allah with us as well, I spoke to Adil [Rashid] and he said Allah was definitely with us," he joked, when asked by a journalist about the 'luck of the Irish'. "I said we had the rub of the green."

Meanwhile, the likes of pro-Brexit politician Jacob Rees-Mogg was ridiculed for commenting 'We clearly don't need Europe to win'...


Even Leo Varadkar joined in the celebrations...

Others had varying opinions on the matter.