If you thought the whole debacle over Pepsi's woefully misguided attempt at appearing "woke" in its latest commercial was going to die down any time soon, guess again.

An extra who was on the shoot has come forward and spoken to People Magazine on the condition of anonymity because, well, it's an embarrassment to be even associated with the whole thing. According to People's anonymous source, pretty much nobody thought it was going to be an issue.

As it turns out, the advertisement wasn't filmed in the US at all - it was filmed in Bangkok, Thailand with extras pulled from the local acting scene and beyond. "I don’t live in the U.S.A. Maybe if I lived there and knew the (issues) before then, maybe I would feel bad,” said People's source. "But I didn’t know anything, so I don’t feel bad."

O... K...

It's been speculated that the real reason for shooting in Thailand wasn't necessarily so that nobody could question their judgement, but rather that film extras are far, far cheaper than in the US and other Western countries. As for the actors themselves, none of them are particularly pushed about how woefully out of touch the advertisement was.

"People say things to me like, ‘Why am I in the commercial?’ and say that it is really offensive," he explained. "It’s like, I was just doing my job. They asked me to be in the commercial."

Pepsi have since pulled the advertisement following massive backlash for trivialising civil rights movements, with Kendall Jenner becoming a laughing stock in the process.


Via People