Relationships and romance in the modern age are much more interesting now with the advent of social media.

There's a huge amount of mystery gone from first encounters; all you need is a name and within a few minutes, you'll know their entire life story via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of it. However, it just goes to show that all these social media platforms still can't put two people together.

UW Madison, a college in the US, had its own Geofilter Story on Snapchat the other day. For those that don't know, Snapchat regularly picks specific cities, towns or countries that people can upload images and videos to that anyone in that cities or country can see. It's sort of like a shared Snapchat story.

Anyway, a young woman - who went on to become known as Mystery Girl - called out a guy wearing a football jersey and asked to meet him on the Geofilter Story. As more and more people viewed the video, a hunt was launched by students to find the so-called Vikings Fan.

The whole story played over Snapchat, with hundreds of students getting in on the action and, within a couple of hours, the story went viral.

Take a look.

Let it never be said that romance is dead in the modern age. Also, what a great story for the eventual wedding day because, come on, a story like that HAS to end in a marriage.

Which will also end up on Snapchat or whatever we're using to pass the time with in a couple of years.


Via Snapchat