If you're worried if it's going to hit Earth or possibly bring about an apocalypse, you needn't worry.

The European Space Agency has determined that the asteroid - named Asteroid 2012 TC4 - will miss Earth by about 44,000 kilometres. If you want to put that in perspective, it's 100 kilometres - more or less - straight up to outer space and it's 384,000 kilometres from the Earth to the moon.

It's close enough, depending on how you look at it. As for its size, the asteroid measures approximately 15 to 30 metres - roughly the size of a car - but large enough to cause some pretty serious damage. According to the ESA's report, the size of the asteroid is comparable to the one that entered Earth's atmosphere in Russia in 2013, commonly referred to as the Chelyabinsk event.

The air burst as it broke through the atmosphere caused a huge shockwave underneath it, enough to shatter glass and injure a number of people. Russian health officials said that 112 people were hospitalised from the resultant damage, two of them in a serious condition. The brightness of the event caused temporary flash blindness, with some reporting ultraviolet burns from the heat caused.

Thankfully, however, none of this is expected tomorrow. Just in case, have Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Steve Buscemi on standby.