And it's about time!

Brigham Youth University(BYU), Utah, has, in a move that leaves us with mixed feelings, banned its students from having a man bun.

The private university is "enforcing disciplinary action against those with a hairstyle" as it "deviates from", according to Tyler Barton, Student Honor Administrator. Because why would you want any kind of diversity in college, you're better off crushing any kind of free-thinking and individuality, amiright, Utah?

Barton said that the university would consider the man-bun to be an extreme hairstyle, and is out of line with the school's Honor Code. Extreme? It's a of long hair tied up, hardly earth-shattering stuff.

We don't like man buns, or maybe we just don't like a lot of the people who have man buns, either way there's something about them that doesn't sit quite right with us. Having said that, BYU sounds like a pretty crap place to go to study if they have a dress code that stops people from expressing themselves. 

Still, it doesn't sound like they're going to change, so all we can do is leave them with this message.

Via Uproxx and BYU