This child has graduated from college with three degrees already, what have we done with our time on this planet? Nothing. 

Tanishq Abraham is a child genius who entered college at the age of just 7-years-old, and has now graduate at age 11 with THREE degrees: one in math and physical sciences, another in general science and a final one in foreign language studies.

Fox News 40 Sacramento caught up with Abraham at his graduation from American River College where he explained that he simply loves learning, "so I just followed my passion of learning, and that’s how I ended up here". Although he still has a few courses to finish at the college, it seems Tanishq's life plan as a graduate is very different to ours. We opted for several internships which, after a few years, lead to a sweet minimum wage gig, he has opted to go to Stanford, become a doctor and then become the President of the United States. We hope it all works out for him anyway. 

Abraham was interviewed by a few different news stations on his big day, as the homeschooled child prodigy (who was admitted to Mensa at the age of four) accepted his three degrees with his favourite quote from Toy Story 2 emblazoned on his cap. 

He's no stranger to the limelight either, as he's already given a TED talk, as well as been interviewed by Conan O'Brien on his show, where he showed his funny side with a series of science related jokes.

Who's running for President against this guy, seriously? Anyway, we might yet be writing something similar about John Fitzgerald of Limerick, who recently became Ireland's youngest member of Mensa at just six-years-old. 

Via BroBible. Main pic via DleonAndres/Twitter