Blake Fielder-Civil has been dating a transsexual look-a-like of his ex-wife Amy Winehouse. Well, as they say, ‘If you can’t be with the one you love… make do with the trannified version.’

In case you blacked out around the time of the divorce for self-preservation purposes: Blake and Amy were officially separated last year on the grounds of her infidelity. He is currently living in Sheffield, where he has been in court-ordered rehab following his stint in prison for grievous bodily harm and trial fixing. The pair kept in touch following their split, and eventually rekindled their romance in a series of phone calls. They are now said to be planning to re-marry, but it has been revealed Blake romanced transsexual Mia McHugh last year. The met on Facebook. Rosemantic

Blake, 31, first got in touch with the 17-year-old, who is due to have surgery to complete her transition from a man to a woman next year, in October, and met 24 hours after they started talking. They met in London, and they spent a night in a hotel together. She insists he knew she was a transsexual from their first date. "He told me, ‘You remind me of Amy *sniggers*, you’re so beautiful,’” Mia told British newspaper The Sun. “He introduced me to his pals at the pub as his new girlfriend. Within minutes he was snogging me at the pool table, but he had no idea of my transsexual background. Then he took me to the hotel. I was lying there and his hands were all over me. Then he suddenly realised. He stopped, looked at me, and said, 'Are you a transsexual'? I told him yes and he just smiled. He kept asking me questions about it - he was fascinated with my Adam's apple - and I was besotted with him.”

Mia - who told Blake she was 20 - insists she and Blake spoke regularly over the next six weeks, and met at hotels for sex. He also took her to his friend’s home, where they stayed together. The teenager alleges Blake regularly journeyed to London from Sheffield to be with her, which would mean he was breaking the terms of his license from prison. He is not allowed to be in the capital city until his license expires next month, don't you know.

Blake eventually told Amy about the affair, and she - surprise, surprise - was supportive. She even phoned Mia to give the relationship her blessing (but really to dig the knife in), saying: “I don't care what Blake does. I want to thank you. I mean it, thank you, because I haven't been around. You're a beautiful girl. But Blake and I are best friends - we're the same person. He loves someone else and there is only one me.” Yeah, but Mia is you, with a third leg, and the capacity not to fall over 12 times a day or kick theater managers in the nethers. Bonus.

Mia and Blake eventually split as he was "not willing to fully commit to their romance", with him apparently texting her earlier this week to say he was not ashamed of the relationship but wanted her to “leave him alone”. He also told her as much in the street when Mia approached him in the street, while he was with 31-year-old Sarah Aspin... who he has been wooing while trying to rekindle his romance with Amy. Sarah insists she and Blake are planning to marry, and have even discussed children (super news for the unbornlings).

Well, talk about keeping your options WIIIIDE open.