Oh, how I enjoy thumbing through the tabloids of a morning - the level of confusion involved always instills a grounded feeling for some reason. Here's what's printed in today's Sun regarding Amy Winehouse having a new fellah: "Junkie Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, has told his lawyers he wants £250,000 for every month of their year's marriage, despite being behind bars for part of it (that would be 3 million in total). And he fumed to pals after being ditched by the 24-year-old Back to Black singer: 'She wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for me' (perhaps, but would she be so f****ed up?). A friend said: 'At first Blake refused to believe Amy had dumped him, but his initial devastation has been replaced by rage. He said Amy owes everything to him - he inspired her music and says he saved her life. As a result of Amy his life will never be the same and he wants to make her compensate him. He has demanded £3million at the very least from her £10million fortune.' Sources at Pentonville Prison said Fielder-Civil had gone back to his old druggie ways after The Sun revealed Amy had bedded her manager's assistant Alex Haynes, 22." Now, this is what's printed in The Mirror: "The emaciated diva emerged from her Camden flat after spending the weekend in hiding and raged at reporters about how much she still loves Blake. Amy screeched: 'Why don't these people who say I want a divorce just shut up and stop making up things about me? I'm just waiting and waiting to get my Blake back. I'm supporting him all the way and I always have done. Me and Blake are meant for each other, he's my man'." Not according to The Sun, he's not - according to them he thinks she dumped him. But, you know, maybe these kids can work things out if they just spend some quality time together... oh.  I mean, if he really loves her he'll forgive two very public affairs. Then again, if she really loved him she would've managed to keep it zipped for a few months and turn up to visit him on time. Is it possible that they were just using each other all along?!?