She has been quieter then normal lately but a few durrty secrets are still rising from the depths of below in relation to Amy Winehouse. So what's the latest scandal I have stumbled upon? Well, the first is a revelation from ex husband Blakeeyyyy and the second is regarding her NEW love interest.

First, to the home secrets that are actually very sad indeed. Amy and Blake Fielder-Civil divorced earlier this month on the grounds of her infidelity as we know, but now he has began speaking about his ex wife and how she was very close to death. On one of their benders, which lasted 3 days, concoctions of drugs were consumed, but it all turned sour when Amy began taking a seizure. Blake described it as "the most frightening thing I have ever seen.....she started having a fit on the bed...slid down to the floor....started quivering again. I held her to me and I thought she was dying in my arms....I couldn't bear for her to die in front of me". This was the incident that saw her brought to hospital to have her stomach pumped. It also sounds like he really did love her.

Now to the real juicy gossip - If I was to ask what have Amy and Mischa Barton got in common, I bet a boy wouldn't be the first subject matter to spring to mind. Well, yes that's exactly what they have in common, and said son of Adam is named James Regan. James and Mischa dated for a while before she fell ill and was sectioned involuntarily a few weeks back. Not one to dwell on a broken heart, himself and Ms Winehouse are now courting, according to Digital Spy. The son of a millionaire, who is know as a fellow Camdener and wild party animal (just what she needs), was seen leaving Amy's London home over the weekend after having a cosy meal together. Amy *shakes head and tuts*.

It's safe to say that she is attracted to the bad boy, but seriously, will she ever find a lad that will calm her down, or can she even be calmed down? Does anyone really care anymore? What's that I hear you bellow,' No No No'

- Alicia Coyle