Hey, it's Thursday morning, that's nearly the weekend, so who's feeling sexy?! No one? Too early. OK. D'you want to see someone who does feel sexy of a midweek?! Heeeeere's AMY!

Reg, what were you thinking going out on the sly with that burlesque dancer (i.e. Raven Isis Holt, the blonde he was snapped with last week, and who took much joy in saying "Amy needs to know she is being used by him. We were madly in love [for two years] and he threw it all away to be with her just because she's famous") when you've got Amy to rattle around a doorway for you, hmmm?

Look at the sumptuous curve of her posterior, the voluptuous thighs, the 'come hither' eyes, the hour-glass hips and sweetheart lips... The clear winner is this one, who doesn't find the 'I Might Hurl' look alluring?

Oh, damn and blast, she's being led away. Come back, Amy, you make me feel so alive.