When it comes to narcotic consumption, there are a few spiritual theories doing the rounds - like how it can induce a dream-like state where Astral Planing is possible (where one can interact with mysterious entities and what not). Some people also believe that drug taking scatters the spirit so, when one "comes down", they irretrievably loose a bit of their being to the ether. This would explain why Amy Winehouse's 'Id' can be found humping furniture in a Mexican boudoir... OK, so maybe it's just a horned up, dancing Amy imp... ersonator (*hangs head*) sporting what appears to be a bicyclst's reflector belt, but I thought it was a theory worth throwing out there. He really has captured her essence, bar the delightful eggcup ashtray. Such a vessel would infer that protein-based food stuffs could inhabit Amy's home, whereas we all know she lives on a solid diet of Mr. Freeze ice lollies and Chupa Chubs.

In other Winehouse news: after presumably much bedside chest beating and loud lamentations from Mitch, Amy has decided to quit smoking to give her chest bags a break. A source told The Mirror: "Amy's been advised to give up to have any chance of cleaning her lungs. But it's the pleading from Mitch which has really helped. She's covered herself in nicotine patches as she's desperate to preserve her voice and is promising to clean up her act." Next on Amy's 'to do' list after she attempts to sing at Nelson's ninetieth and Glastonbury this weekend - set about commissioning a sleeping bag sized nicotine patch she can burrow into at night. And perhaps a handy crack patch version. Or, if the manufacturers were willing, it could give a whole new dimension to the term 'gear bag'.