The best way to mark one's comeback gig is to get so hammered you can't actually sing, am I right?! The Serbian crowd, who paid over €40 on a ticket despite having a national average wage of €350 a month, surely would've appreciated that?! Nope. No the didn't. They jeered their heads off.

According to The Sun: "The Back to Black singer, 27 - who was banned from drinking on the 12-date European tour - had arrived at the venue SOBER. But it is thought she had a secret stash of booze on the set in Belgrade, Serbia. A source said: 'In the run up to the show she was disappearing. By the time she got on stage she was on another planet.' Her 'performance' was booed by 20,000 irate fans - some who paid a week's salary to see her. Scores walked out in disgust. Suzana Seojkov, 40, said: 'As soon as she came out she fell over.' At times Amy sat on a speaker with her back to the crowd, walked off stage, slurred words or didn't bother singing. Last night she apologised to fans as she pulled out of gigs this week in Turkey and Greece. A spokesman said: 'She has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home'."

Apparently Amy's next gig is on July 8th in Spain. Lucky them.