Ah, so it wasn't Amy Winehouse's fault that she made an idiot out of herself while on stage in Belgrade. No, it was down to her bodyguards apparently. I've found a video, which you can see over in Best of the Web, if you facing feeling a little cringeworthy at someone else's expense.

It's clear that she's not all there and requires help ASAP. You really just need to watch the first two minutes and then head to the end where it looks as if she's going to cry, scream, beat someone up and collapse - all at the same time. Let's hope she gets the help she needs and, this time, it works. It's so sad to see a talent like this go to waste; the singing I mean!

Anyway, one Ana Zoe Kida - from the band Zemlja Gruva who shared the bill with Amy, has claimed that Amy was pushed on stage and looked reluctant to go on of her own free will. The singer informed The Sun that Amy was pushed on by "four British bodyguards" (if they were built like her previous bodyguards, she wouldn't have had a hope of fighting them off) and that the singer was "making a scene trying to escape them."

However, a spokesperson for Amy has said that she was not pushed and walked on voluntarily with a friend. Yeah, suuuuure....

Alicia Coyle