You know you're in a bad way when people are asking Pete Doherty if he has any words of advice for you. And his pearls of wisdom were; "I wouldn't give her any (advice... and possibly drugs). She's fine. It's all bollocks. People should leave her alone. I went for a drink with her earlier today and she's totally fine. Perfectly healthy and happy. People are saying she's out of control, but she's not. She's a sensible girl and she knows what she's doing. She ain't doing nothing wrong." Correct me if I'm wrong but being sensible does not include consuming alcohol prior to performing live at an awards ceremony - yes, these words came from Pete upon his arrival at Thursday's MTV EMAs. He was probably uttering them around the same time Amy was busy trashing her hotel room. A source said; "About 90 minutes before the show, Snoop said he wanted to see Amy. When we got there, she was in a bad way. Everyone, including her management, just stood there as she threw spaghetti on the walls. She then started kicking the walls and throwing whatever she could get her hands on - even the tables and chairs. Then she started cutting up the rug (not dancing - with a scissors). Snoop was just standing there open-mouthed, he couldn't believe what he was seeing." Someone who shouldn't go drinking with Pete Doherty during the day?