Haven't the last two months been just lovely?! But, we know that all good things must come to an end... so, it's with a heavy heart I report that Amy Winehouse has flown back to her homeland, ergo there's bound to be an increase in photos of her knocking around/stories of her generally being decrepit.

And it didn't take her long to get back into the swing of things. Beehive in hand (perhaps it's possessed), she set about attacking a fellow passenger on her flight to London - 'cause he looked at her: "Amy went wild. She thought this guy was giving her strange looks and just lost it. She was nervous about coming back and seeing Blake so it didn't take much to push her over the edge." The nigh eighty days lolling about a sunny island has obviously done wonders for her.

She mighn't have to worry about seeing the soon-to-be-officially-ex-hubby, however, as his mother has plans to whisk him away from England for good: "Blake realised the marriage was doomed some time ago and I don't believe Amy will get round him now. I never want him to go back to her. It would be bad news. He's divorcing her because she cheated on him and the sooner the marriage is over the better... Blake won't just be divorcing Amy, he'll be divorcing her very controlling dad, who we call The Fat Man. Amy will never love any other person the way she loves Blake but she's destroyed him. It's her loss." Yeeeeeaaaah, who got who onto heroin again?

Meanwhile, The Fat Man gave Amy a tour of her new abode, a house in Barnet (hilarious), which boasts "palm trees, an oak panelled front door (which Amy will swing out of in her knicks and a string vest) and a giant loft conversion." Upon hearing the news that Amy had moved into the area, locals reportedly had the following sentiments for The Sun: "House prices have fallen enough without Amy Winehouse taking up residence" and "Amy Winehouse moved in? There goes the neighbourhood."