How bad does the political situation in America have to be that when you get two of SNL's best performers together for an on-camera bit, the first place they go to is political jokes and a tweet from former FBI chief James Comey.

Amy Poehler dropped in for a regular segment on Seth Meyers called 'Really?!', which is basically pronouncing someone something's done that they shouldn't be doing - followed up by a "really?" at the end, because, come on, really? Anyway, Poehler tore strips out of Comey's belief that the US Democrats' embrace of its further left wing like, say, Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who was recently elected in a New York primary race, defeating established Democrat Joseph Crowley by a 15% margin.

Here's Comey's tweet, just for clarity.

And here's Amy Poehler giving him both barrels. Enjoy.