NBC has picked up Animal Practice (used to peddle itself under the guise of Animal Kingdom). It's due to star Weeds' Justin Kirk as a "as a cranky veterinarian who loves his patients, the animals, but hates their owners". So, essentially he's playing Martin Clunes in Doc Martin, but with added pets.

But what of Hoobs, I hear you mumble. She will co-star along with Tyler Labine (Sisters and Brothers, Rise of The Planet of The Apes) and Bobby Lee (he's voiced a "sharply dressed Asian man" in an episode of Family Guy, amongst other things) in this "office-based comedy, from Hangover Part II writer Scot Armstrong."

OK, more importantly, what of Hoobs and BOD?! Assuming this is going to be filmed in L.A. is he going to take early retirement? If he was a footballer he could always join L.A. Galaxy. If he were going to go down that route, his option would be to squeeze into some shiny jodhpurs and play with an L.A. based NFL team. I hear the Minnesota Vikings are moving to L.A., could be a goer.