At a festival rife with talent (and Jay Z), all reports of the event don't seem to waver from the behaviour of Amy Winehouse *sighs*. Not content with spitting her chewing gum into the people kind enough to give her an audience, Amy also felt the need to throw in a couple of digs for good measure. So, what instigated the digging? Well, first there was a report that someone dared to touch her beehive. Then Michael Eavis promoted physical violence by saying: "The man deserved it. He grabbed Amy's breasts as she went past" (to be fair, the alleged man was probably trying to do her a favour by tucking one of them back in; they appear to be making a break for freedom here). But, according to The Sun quoting some "fan" who happened to be in the front row at the time, it was a girl who Amy lashed out at "after trying to give the singer a high-five." Whatever about the elbowing, it's clear from the footage that Amy should be concentrating on singing rather than grappling with audience members. If you happened to be anywhere other than the front row, all you were treated to was "aawooo... nuthin, NUTHING EEEEAAWAAAYGHAAH TEEEECH MAAAY." Although, if Jack White is to be believed, Amy can do no wrong: "Amy's a treasure, the Janis Joplin of our generation. The crowd don't appreciate her" (for readers not familiar with Joplin; she was a gutsy blues rock songstress who prematurely met her maker in 1970 after choking on her own vomit in a motel, thanks to a heroin overdose). I wonder what Nelson's view is of her since her performance at his 90th birthday on Friday... when she changed the lyrics of Free Nelson Mandela to "free Blakey my fellah"...  Of course, it's understandable that she'd want to equate a civil rights icon with a two-bit, drug-addled, jail-bound limpet.

Despite allegedly being molested, Amy (and her tan) managed to enjoy some more elbowing action at Jay Z's set, alongside Jack White (she must've pushed him out of the way 'cause other pictures previously show him at the front) and Beyonce. His performance was set to be a stormer after he opened with a clip of Noel Gallagher saying "I don't want hip-hop at Glastonbury. Jay-Z has got no f***ing chance" and then strolled out strumming Wonderwall. But then it descended into this... One could argue he was highlighting that anyone can bang out an Oasis song, tone deaf or not. Unfortunately what followed was reportedly nothing short of "bland".