This is for Mike Sheridan, who just charged past my desk towards the jacks and went "OOOoooooooooh" at the vision of Amy Childs astride a Vespa. Yes, that's Amy Childs, not Jordan.

I, of course, scoffed - "REALLY, BUT IT'S AMY CHILDS?" To which he put his thumb over her face and went "That's alright though, innit."

So here's an array of pictures for all of you in possession of thumbs and a penchant for PVC catsuits. About 95% of the population I think you'll find.

You might notice her Vespa has eye lashes, for that's what she's trying to promote. The aforementioned shiny catsuit, along with the stripper heels, white nails and massive beehive are kind of detracting from her own lashes so it was good of the scooter to lend itself.

If you would like to purchase eyelashes for your scooter, they're called Blink+Go.

All in all, Amy played a blinder in her catsuit, she almost looks sophisticated (it might be an idea to employ your thumb at this point)... Put it this way, Jordan would've gone for a bikini top with eyelash trims (think Rooney Mara's Oscar dress)... Best not think too much about what the bikini bottoms would look like.