Amy Winehouse has stepped out for the first time with her new, clean looking boyfriend. We haven't heard much from the Landan gal since she split from Blake (for the umpteenth time) in April. Now, her new man is called Reg Traviss. You may, or may not, know him from such films as Psychosis, Joy Divisoon and JD Pilot. I know....I've no idea either but, he looks good.

The pair were seen strolling about London at the weekend, hand in hand and it was clear that Amy was totally smitten when she planted a big wet one on him before they disappeared into her flat. Mitch, the man that brought Amy into our lives, spoke to a Scottish TV show and said that he was delighted his daughter was with someone new; "I'm happy she's got a new boyfriend. I'm happy she's moving on with her life. He's a normal bloke, very nice."

Following this, the usual had the following to say to The Sun; "Amy really likes him. They've been seeing each other for a good few weeks now. He's a decent bloke with his feet firmly on the ground. He's cultured and talented and they talk and laugh about all sorts. And they are openly affectionate in front of friends and family now too." Here's hoping we won't be seeing Ms Winehouse and her beau falling on the streets with blood stains on their clothes and scratch marks on their faces. *gets on knees and prays*

-Alicia Coyle.