Amy may have cancelled her tour "on doctor's orders" but that hasn't stopped her from hosting her own impromptu gigs or blowing her nose. On Wednesday night, she showed up unannounced at Soho's Jazz After Dark club in the same outfit she was pictured in the night before (you know the one - pink vest, she was wearing it when buying a box of ice pops and then wriggling under a fence at 4am that morning). Despite looking a little bedraggled (and with some noticeable albino bats in the belfry), Amy "wowed" the intimate audience with a polished 15-minute set. However, things took a turn for the worse when the 24-year-old star left the club. Amy - who enjoyed a few more drinks after her performance - reportedly looked "a mess" as she left the venue at around 2am. A source said: "She was really out of control and aggressive. She even spat at some of the photographers and crowd waiting outside." Strange behaviour alright considering she looks totally together here. Despite being an unbridled wreck at the moment, the singer has managed to bag herself no less than six Grammy nominations... Unfortunately that wake-up call she so desperately needs won't come via a decline in music industry hype.