If you're a massive gamer who's planning a trip to Amsterdam soon, we've found the perfect place for you to rest your head during your stay. 

The Arcade Hotel, has been dubbed the 'world's first hotel for gamers' where guests can hang out and play retro classics or modern titles when they're bored with all the culture and beauty that one can soak up in Amsterdam. 

Located in the De Pijp area of the city, the hotel has 36 rooms, each one fitted with a retro gaming console for no extra charge. The hotel also has communal gaming lounges for you to battle against other guests during your stay. 

Another bonus is the enviable collection of comic books from the likes of DC and Dark Horse for you to read while you wait your turn to play Mario Kart. 

The hotel just opened last week with a party that included a FIFA tournament, street food and some gin tasting.

The idea is already becoming a massive hit and the hotel owner, Daniel Salmanovich, has already spoken about his desire to increase the capacity of the hotel to 46 rooms in the coming months. 

So if ever are in the mood to visit Amsterdam and never leave your hotel maybe consider giving The Arcade a call.