If there's one thing we can be glad of in Ireland, it's that we had a relatively mild climate where the idea of ice freezing waters isn't remotely possible.

Sure, we might snow and ice on the roads, but it would never reach a stage where you'd have people able to ice-skate across, say, the Grand Canal in Dublin or what have you. For people in Amsterdam, however, it's a pretty common occurrence this time of year.

Indeed, the Keizersgracht - or the Emperor's Canal, as it's known in English - regularly hosts ice-skaters when it freezes over and becomes basically a makeshift ice rink for Hollanders (that's what people from Amsterdam are called).

Of course, the risk with a frozen canal is that ice can eventually break and melt, and you get moments like this. To be fair, the guy seemed to be pretty aware of it being a possibility, otherwise why would he be skating in his underwear? Plus, it's like skated right for it? He knew it was going to be ice cold, so maybe he just wanted that freshness you get from flying into ice-cold water?

Who knows, honestly. Anyway, here's the video.