First, to the NSFW bottom picture in question. People keep saying it's reminiscent of some of Kim Kardashian's previous, eh, 'work', but - to be honest - this has more of a hum of Coco Austin off it...

To add to the sheer classiness of it all, Amber opted to caption her photo with the following hashtags: "#Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slut #GoldDigger..... #ButDatAssonFleekDoe". I'd like to thinks she's being ironic, but it's a long shot.

As for Nick Cannon, well he's been telling people he's got a "shocking" master plan for his new protege - which he is NOT romantically involved with, they're merely providing body parts (shoulders) for each other to blub on in the wake of both of their splits from Wiz and Mariah. Amber joined "entrepre-tainer" (I'm not making that title up) Nick's management company not too long ago, just before they both broke up from their respective partners, as it happens.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Nick said: "We're super excited about her brand (that being her bottom). I feel like she's one of those people who are truly an icon when it comes to fashion, style, and even just someone in pop culture (/bottom baring). I want to help her develop a lot of things (including her bottom) and the first thing we are starting with is a book (featuring her bottom). We just did a huge book deal that we are really excited about." Well, it'd have to be "huge" considering.

Cannon continued: "We kind of came up with a lot of the concepts together, but it's going to be something where I think it's going to shock a lot of people. I think it's going to be really good for her brand and launch. My plan is to [begin with] the book then television, and so many other things. You'll see, it will be out soon!"

As for her bottom, and presumably the main concept, that's out already.