That's totally believable. Especially as this rumour's turned up in In Touch magazine...

"Even more reason to celebrate? Just weeks after Amber Heard and Johnny Depp confirmed their engagement, the actress’ ex-boyfriend reveals to In Touch Weekly that she is expecting her first child! 'She’s pregnant already! I saw her three weeks ago,' Amber’s former beau, actor Mark Wystrach, tells In Touch. 'Amber and I dated years ago but we are still close.' This would be the first child for Amber, 27, while Johnny, 50, has daughter Lily-Rose, 14, and son Jack, 11, with former partner Vanessa Paradis. Amber and Johnny have been dating since 2012. Amber’s reps didn’t respond to calls for comment."

Yep, Amber and this Mr Wystrach are so close that he'd go blabbing to a magazine about her close and personals. As for his acting credentials, according to he's "his career highlights include a few episodes of Passions. Plus Lindsay Lohan’s Just My Luck and something called G.I. Jesus."

Nope, don't recognise him either. That may be because the last photo entry of him in WENN is this photo from 2007. Hey, but the offers are bound to start rolling in now that he's willing to dish on his bessie mate! We're all talking about you, Mark, mission accomplished.