It seemed like it was an April Fool's joke at first, given the day that's in it, but Amazon's new Dash button appears to be the real deal. 

Amazon Prime's new service, Dash, is allowing people to introduce the Internet of Things into their home and their shopping lists with the push of a button. The new product seemed a bit far-fetched and futuristic, given that it was arriving on April Fool's Day, but it could revolutionise the way we shop from now on. 

The Dash button allows you to simply order the things that you use the most, from kitchen towels to coffee, and have them delivered to your door. The button is branded to a specific product, so that you can leave it wherever you store it (for example your pantry, if you have a pantry, like a fancy person) and then simply push the button to get more sent to you.

The button is linked to your phone, so you get a notification when something is ordered and can cancel if you change your mind. There's also no need to worry about accidentally pressing the button twice and ordering too much, as only one order can be placed at a time.  

At the moment, the service is only available for Amazon Prime members, but Amazon more than likely won't be the only people who look into something similar. We might be a ways off smart homes being available to every one, but the likelihood of a major nationwide retailer offering a similar service to customers here in Ireland is probably not far off. Imagine the future where you can have a product, let's say milk for example, delivered to your door every day when you need it. Amazing.