Aaaaaand there goes the paycheck.

On Tuesday, Amazon added alcohol to the list of items available on Prime Now, the company's one hour delivery service.

Prime Now aims to to deliver its members their desired order with an hour of placing it, and for the first time ever they've included beer, wine, and hard liquor to the list.

At first the system will only run in Seattle, the company's hometown, as a trial, but if things go well it could be added to the other cities which can avail of the app, such as Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, and New York.

Membership to Prime isn't cheap, cost $99 per year. The bills don't stop there, as there is an additional $7.99 charge per one-hour delivery, although if you can wait an extra hour, it's completely free. I think we'd be able to wait an extra hour, or failing that, just stock up far too much in advance, because you just never know. We're awful sensible like that.

Via Fortune