We don't mean to alarm you, but it seems that Skynet is real and the robots have become sentient and basically they're going to take over the world and destroy us all. Well, we had a pretty good run, humans.

Overreaction? Perhaps - but there's no denying that this story is creepy as all hell.

It seems that various Amazon Alexa devices have begun emitting strange bursts of disembodied laughter for no reason whatsoever, as well as failing to obey commands given by its humans. In one report, one device even began reading out Funeral Home listings for no reason. Nope - not worrying, whatsoever. 

Alexa, if you're not aware, is the cloud-based voice command speaker made by Amazon that people can use to play music, read emails, read the news, etc.

Amazon told The Verge that they are '"aware of this and working to fix it", but would you feel confident if the below happened?