Yes, it's juvenile, but it would be remiss of me to ignore it. It really is a massive box.

Some outlets are pointing out that George and Amal aren't exactly going down the covert route that Brad and Angelina trotted down a few weeks back, but they've both been married before. This is Amal's first time, and only George's second (despite vowing to never marry again, after being hitched to Mad Men's Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993), so why not celebrate the build up! She looks like she's enjoying every second of it, AND she's merrily carrying her own box and wheeling her own sizable suitcase - a small thing, but refreshing to see considering she's marrying the "world's most famous bachelor" reportedly on Monday (which means it'll probably take place tomorrow) in Venice.

For those of you who only clicked on this article to see what was in the box, apparently she's gone for Alexander McQueen. For those wondering who exactly Talia Balsam is, she plays Mrs Roger Sterling/John Slattery on and off screen. News to me too.

If you're mourning the loss of George Clooney for the second time, there's a pull out poster available on page 25 in today's edition of The Sun.