Right now, especially in Ireland, MMA is blowing up in a huge way. The sport is going from strength to strength and so too is its premier organisation The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or simply, The UFC.

It’s also one of those sports that can be a little intimidating to start, even if you’re used to playing team sports. But you absolutely can learn, from base, in a safe and fun training environment.

While there are excellent clubs around the country (SBG and Team Ryano both have UFC fighters on the books), this writer has trained in one gym and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Owen Roddy is a phenomenal coach and motivator and training in Primal MMA has changed how i train and eat completely. Previously I’d ran ultramarathons and marathons and partook in long distance triathlon, but I’ve never enjoyed training more.

If you're in the Dublin area this is the place to start. 

For more info on Owen and Primal in general just hit up their site.

Whatever club that’s near you, do give it a chance. The vast majority of these coaches and members are absolute gentlemen and indeed ladies.