As we head in to the winter, the question on every man's lips is how can I still wear a super hero outfit but stay warm and have somewhere to sleep at a moment's notice once I get tired from all my superhero stuff?

Well, up until recently the answer was you can't so get over it, move on with your life Jonny, the dream is over. That's what we would have said, but then we found out that selk'bag make a number of super hero costume sleeping bags that are the answer to your prayers. 

Featuring four Marvel superheroes, these sleeping bags double as a costume that means that you can do all your fun activities and then just kick up your feet for a quick power nap. Even superheroes need naps.

Christmas list SORTED, obviously, the only trick is that they cost a spicy enough $150 (€120), but you should ask yourself, can you really put a price on that much fun? Yes, yes you can. $150. We just told you that, come on pay attention. Honestly...

Via Shortlist