It's come a long way since the days of Megan Fox Shia LaBouf. Back when the Transformers franchise kicked off five years ago, Blackrock native Glenn Keogh was carving a career for himself  in LA (he gave up accountancy aged 28 to following his acting dream. See, it's never too late), mainly playing barmen and "Mercenary #2" in General Hospital.

Jack Reynor, meanwhile, was still in school. Wandering up O'Connell Street every day from Belvo, staring longingly at The Savoy, hoping: "someday I would be able to come here and launch a film at this theatre. And now my face is plastered all over the walls - a lot has happened in four years. It's a really surreal experience."

Not only that, but he's also being pictured all over the shop this morning, in outlets like and here, with Laura Whitmore. Fiancee Madeline Mulqueen must be thrilled... It's OK Madeline, I got your back.  

Also pulling out the pins at last night's premiere were Nadia Forde, Pippa O'Connor, and Neasa of Fair City's sister.


It's the Celebraddy Gawssip section, what else are we going to talk about but legs? We could discuss Jack's interesting accent in the film, if you'd prefer? The only logical explanation is that - given he was born in Colorado and moved to Wicklow when he was 2 - he believes he's been speaking in an American accent this entire time...