All I know is that there were rumours...

That Mel Gibson's gotten himself a new burd. Her name's Ashley Cusato. She's a stunt woman too with a brown belt in martial arts. Should come in handy when he starts acting the goat. As per TMZ, "Mel has already introduced her to several members of his family. They love her and are convinced she's gonna be around for a long, long time."

That not all people go off the rails when they experience a heightened level of fame and fortune. Yes Lindsay Lohan, you can't use that as an excuse. Take a look at Cameron Diaz, she told the new issue of Esquire: "It [wild partying and drug taking] just wasn't interesting for me. There's more I want out of life... Not to say I didn't go through my phases, but any time I was in danger of any of that, I was like, 'Come on Cameron, that's not who you are'. There's so much to gain by not doing that stuff."

That Justin Timberlake will perform a N'Sync number when he ties the knot to Jessica Biel (which apparently will happen THIS WEEK!). Hopefully it won't be Bye Bye Bye... or Pop... or... wait, is there a suitable N'Sync wedding song?

That your breakfast is about to be RUINED when I tell you that Russell Brand would very mcuh like to eat an egg off the body of David Beckham. 'David Beckham is a god. Just look at him in those underwear ads. I'm not gay but I would eat food off his body. Preferably something that needs to be mopped up, like egg. I'd eat it off his stomach.' Well now we understand the whole Geri Haliwell thing; it was but a ploy to get closer to Victoria which would bring him to Mr Beckham himself. We knew there had to be something to it.