That Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Keith Richards, Tracey Emin, Cilla Black, and Paul O'Grady were all present at Leah Woods' wedding to Jack MacDonald on Saturday... That Kate Moss turned up late... That Agyness Deyn is dating Strokes member Albert Hammond Jnr... That's a bit of an upgrade after dating The Paddington's Josh Hubbard... That Agyness scrubs up well, considering she looked like this while performing as "special guest" at The Five O'Clock Heroes gig at Landan's Industry a few days prior... That, upon closer inspection, it appears to be some kind've flesh-coloured body stocking... That Amy Winehouse, a confirmed  emphysema sufferer, is so determined to play Nelson Mandela's 90th in Hyde Park this Friday, followed by Glastonbury... That a source said: "Organisers of both events have apparently replaced requests for alcopops and vodka on her rider with jelly beans and Fruit Pastels" and her "backstage area will be equipped with a private hospital suite, massage bed and paramedics"... That some people have a total horn for overcoming adversity... That Russell Brand has been pictured frolicking about a Mexican beach with his new girlfriend Teresa Palmer... That the Australian actress appeared alongside Daniel Radcliffe in December Boys, most notably in his first sex scene... That effeminate men have a thing for her... That Mel B is still under the illusion she has a solo career and plans to release a song called Beverly Hills C***, inspired by you'll never guess who... That Eddie Murphy's lawyers will be "vetting the lyrics closely"... That Michael Madsen (AKA Mr. Blonde) continued his hotel trashing spree with a ransacking in London's Dorchester... That he previously gave a hotel room in Cardiff's St. David hotel a personal makeover... That Janet Jackson is starring in a new MTV show... That IMDB said: "The project will follow Jackson as she mentors a group of aspiring singers and dancers in search of the next pop superstar through unconventional means"... That finding talent through reality shows has not been unconventional since the late 90s... That, presumably in a bid to boost tourism in New York, Alec Baldwin said: "I walked through Union Square on my way to acting class and got offered loose joints. Drug dealing was a great tradition in this city. There are other traditions people can get involved with in this city. When I was younger, I used to get a bottle of wine and get drunk under the Staten Island Ferry... so there are things like that you can do"... That twelve paparazzi, who were trying to get a shot of Matthew McConaughey on a beach in Malibu, were besieged by a number of surfers... That according to TMZ: "Police tell us a battery report was filed by one photographer but no arrests have been made"... That American comedian George Carlin has died aged 71.