That, when asked who she perceived to be the "least fanciable female celeb" to be, Rebecca Loos said: "We both know what I’m thinking! But I’ll just stir it up - I'll just say anyone who's skeleton thin and plastic looking"... Says the girl who's been on TV getting dumped by Calum Best for farting at the dinner table - not to mention pleasuring a pig... That the real reason Kate Moss has "given up the booze" is because she's housing a bundle in her belly (and grapes in her undergarments)... That Brad and Angelina have made a list of things they find annoying about each other... A source said: "I think one of her bug-bears is that Brad can be overly cheery and it sometimes seems to drive her mad. It sounds like she craved more time and space to herself. Brad apparently made a list of his own, but most of the complaints were just about his desire for her to be nicer to him"... That "neediness" also puts in an appearance on Angelina's list... That there's been outrage Stateside over a recent South Park episode which depicts "Steven Spielberg and George Lucas raping Harrison Ford"... That Ford is dressed as Indiana Jones... That, of being asked to be a Bond girl many moons ago, Melanie Sykes said: "I didn't even go to the meeting! I'd just started going out with Daniel and I didn't think it was right for me to be kissing Pierce Brosnan"... That Melanie and Daniel broke up a few months ago... That, of Louis Walsh comparing Daniel's performance on Saturday's X Factor to "Ricky Gervais singing karaoke at a Christmas party", Gervais said: "This is worse than when Dawn French said I was fat"... That Jodie Marsh is now dating her female hairdresser: "She's really sexy. I think she's a cool girl. I love the ways she kisses and she doesn't f**k me about. I feel comfortable with her"... And she gets her bleaching done for free... That, of his stint working as Bill Cosby's body double on The Cosby Show, Samuel L. Jackson said: "That's the weirdest job I ever had. I would just jump in when I was needed. I did that for a while but it was weird"... That the crack abuse didn't help matters... That Quentin Tarantino has changed the spelling of his remake of Inglorious Bastards to Inglourious Basterds... A source said: "We are not entirely sure the reasons why it has been changed. We think it just has to be one of those Tarantino-esque (AKA w*nky) things. All we do know is that is definitely the title from now on"... That Michael Lohan's charity boxing match will go ahead now that his contender has been revealed as Robert Venero, the president and CEO of Future Tech Enterprise... That Robert has forked over $20k for the pleasure of punching Lohan on November 24th - and for some cheap advertising... That filming of the Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Travolta thriller From Paris with Love has been shut down thanks to a suspected arson attack on some cars on set... That, of the film musical he's writing for Ben Stiller, Elton John said: "It's about a guy on Broadway who is gay, has HIV and AIDS, and has to go back and face his wife and his kids that he left. It's very funny... The premise doesn't sound funny, but it is. All right?"