That even boxer Amir Kahn has an opinion on Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough: "I had dinner with Cheryl and Derek in Los Angeles last week. He's not her boyfriend. They're not going out. It's all just a cover up to keep photographers at bay"... And how would that work, exactly?... Derek's step da is still bleating the opposite: "For Derek, this is true love. There is no doubt about it. He is totally in love with her. And it's easy to see why. She is one hell of a girl. Very talented and incredibly beautiful. I know Derek is in love with her because he has told me he is in love with her"... That Danielle Lloyd still has an opinion regarding Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch: "I feel so sorry for her. Getting cheated on is bad enough but it’s even worse if your man pays a prostitute for sex. If I was in Abbey’s situation, I’d dump him. In fact I’d probably chop his balls off, then dump him! If she takes Peter back, she’ll be constantly worrying about where he is and who he's seeing, and that's no way to live. Abbey could do much better. She's a gorgeous girl and her career's going really well, so she doesn't need Peter financially"... That, after getting engaged, Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have called it a day for the second time... That Edward Furlong's wife, Rachel Kneeland, has had to get another restraining order against him after he left a load of threatening voice messages, such as: "If he (her new boyfriend) dares hang out with f**king Ethan (Furlong's 3-year-old son with Kneeland), I swear to god I'm gonna f**king rip his f**king heart and f**king feed it to him you understand me? I will f**king rip him a new one, you can f**king, you see if you like him still when his f**king little pretty face is all deformed"... That comedian Stewart Lee said: "My TV show might have got 1 million viewers but that means 59 million didn't watch it. People find me boring. I had to find the minority of people who didn't and get them to help... When I go to a town I go to the comic shop, the independent record shop and the independent book shop and the people behind the counters usually have tickets to my show. It's usually pretentious self-satisfied outsiders with funny hair. That's what I like"... That Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon, Dr Frank Ryan, who was mentioned in

yesterday's Rumours

("I think she looks absolutely spectacular. Her facial proportions are beautiful"), has since died in a car crash... TMZ reports: "Ryan succumbed to major head injuries after his Jeep Wrangler fell over the side of the Pacific Coast Highway on Monday afternoon. The vehicle landed on a rocky embankment..."