That The Sun are claiming a porn website have offered Lindsay Lohan a job as marketing consultant. According to the paper, the cost of Lindsay's stay in the Betty Ford clinic is causing her concern so, with an extra income coming in, it could prove easier to pay for her keep while she stays there. They are also reporting that PETA have offered to help pay the stars bill, but only if she swears off meat and cheese. Apparently PETA President Ingrid Newkirk told The Los Angeles Times, "Lindsay Lohan is the most visible example of a real addict, and if she can conquer her addiction to meat and cheese, absolutely anyone can (I wonder does she know that's not the reason she's in rehab?). If she does, she'll not only save animals but save her own health, and she'll be an example to the millions of people who watch her every step."...That Ashley Cole is perusing Beverly Hills 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes. Again, this is coming from the Sun, so maybe take it with a pinch of salt. The Canadian actress is in the UK promoting her singing career and Cole's wandering eye has landed on Ms Lowndes. After seeing her on Soccar am, a source said the following, "Ashley saw her on TV and liked what he saw. He has connections in the industry and wanted to get in touch. You can see why he likes her - she looks like Cheryl." And that she does, but has a slightly longer face. See exhibit A and B. Let's hope word has spread of his infidelity issues... That Prince Harry is a fan of Cheryl Cole and has requested to meet the singer. It appears the royal is a huge fan of Cheryl and the X Factor and managed to arrange to meet her. A source said, "Harry's a huge fan of X Factor and watches it week in, week out. He fired off a series of missives, requesting time with Cheryl and some tickets to The X Factor. Harry was due to attend a private showcase but had to pull out at the last minute (I'll refrain from saying something crude *giggles*). So a visit to the Fountain Studios, where the show is filmed, has been arranged for him instead."...That Katie Price has been showcasing her new hair colour (which could very well be just a wig) while promoting another new book...That Lily Allen has been forced to pull out of the Elton John's AIDS Foundation charity gig tomorrow night, due to a viral infection. What with the singer being pregnant, she can't take any medication so has been ordered to rest. The Rocket Man himself, Mr Elton John, will step in and play the 45 minute set...That a jury has found Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist and her boyfriend, Howard K Stern, guilty of conspiring to give the star excessive amounts of legal drugs in relation to her death...That Celine Dion and her twin sons have left hospital...That Kim Kardashian has been speaking to Life & Style Magazine about her childhood and how her sisters saved her from the school bullies. The reality TV star/ Nicole Scherzinger lookalikey said, "Having someone in your class call you fat, ugly, too tall and so on, you start to think all those things about yourself. And if you're like me, those words are played on repeat inside your head. When I was at home, I felt loved and safe. My sisters were always a safe haven for me. I knew they would always play with me and make me feel like I was one of them."...That photos have emerged on TMZ of Charlie Sheen's night of chaos. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find them on, so I can't show them to you but, I will tell you that they look messy. The photos show the TV star pretty mouldy and what looks like him in mid sing-song mode, waving a bottle of wine about which cost roughly €4,300 a pop around the place, mimicking a better looking Shane McGowan...That I'm so excited Halloween is only hours away and I hope your all dressing up. Have a good one!

-Alicia Coyle.