That some of the best actors on the planet have been paying tribute to Pete Postlethwaite, who passed away on Sunday. Bill Nighy, Ben Affleck and Daniel Day-Lewis were among the first to speak of their sadness while Julie Walters (who once dated Postlethwaite in the 70's) said he was "the most exciting, exhilarating actor of his generation. He was an exhilarating person and actor." Kevin Spacey, who starred alongside Pete in The Usual Suspects said "He was a great man of the theatre as well and carved a unique life for himself in film. He probably wasn’t appreciated as much as he should have been, but I suspect that the country will come to regard him as a national treasure."...That Zsa Zsa Gabor was meant to have part of her leg amputated after a lesion began showing signs of gangrene. However, the doctor's have postponed the operation, as they hope strong antibiotics will help clear the infection...That the lesion is apparently 12 inches long...That Ashley Cole shed a tear when he saw photos of his ex wife Cheryl and Derek Hough together in South Africa. According to a source, who spoke to Digital Spy, Ashley and Cheryl met around Christmas time to exchange presents (which is a little weird if you ask me) and then the singer jetted off to meet her dancer friend. When photos of the pair surfaced a few days ago, looking pretty close, Mr Cole began to get upset as he then realised it was over. The source said: "Ashley has realised things have moved on - and he is heartbroken. He knows he is the one who screwed up." That, that took him a long time to realise. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Kayla Collins has reportedly told her fellah to get over Cheryl and if he doesn't, she'll leave him...That GQ have announced who they think are Britain's Best Dressed Men and Aaron Johnson is at number one. He is followed by Douglas Booth (some young man who's had about seven acting jobs in his life) while Robert Pattinson is in fourth place, above Prince Harry. The funniest part of this list is that Romeo Beckham, who's eight years old, came in 26th place due to his 'experimental, quirky and fun sense of style'. Yes, because an eight year old can choose his own style, surely it should be Victoria Beckham in 26th place seeing as she more then likely picks out his clothes every morning (I know it's Best Dressed Men, but an exception could be made)...That Kelly Osbourne has taken to Twitter, once again, to voice her opinion on other folk. This time her target is ex boyfriend Luke Worrall. Ms Osbourne claimed that Luke was the "worst thing that ever happened to me" and continued to state that she was too good for him. All that came after rumours surfaced that he had been sleeping with hundreds of girls, and guys, while trying to get back with her...That Shania Twain got married over the new year in Puerto Rico...That Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock spent New Years Eve together...That you can see how other celebs spent Christmas and New Year's Eve in this festive gallery, including Tori Spelling lying in suds, Hugh Heffner with his new fiancé, Ke$ha in New York, The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening and Kim Kardashian avec boobs, in Vegas.

-Alicia Coyle