That Mammy and Daddy Middleton are now selling Justin Bieber merchandise on their website... That Selena Gomez may want to invest in a strong team of bodyguards as the Beliebers are out to get her. Ever since she and Justin Bieber went public with their relationship and after some snaps of the young couple on holidays together hit the press, the pop stars deranged fans have been going wild and to be honest, it all sounds a little scary to me. According to The Sun, Ms Gomez has received some stick on social networking websites where one fan apparently tweeted to her, "Stay away from Justin, paedophile. I'll kill ya in the night." While on Facebook, a user wrote "I hate Selena Gomez for dating my man." Young, delusional teens eh? I used to be obsessed with Nick Carter back in the day, I truly believed that I would meet him one day and then I realised that life just wasn't that sound, they'll learn in time...hopefully... That Imogen Thomas was refused entry to The Box nightclub in London over the weekend. Yes Imogen, I'd hide my face too....That Jeff Conaway, who is best known for playing Kenickie in Grease, has died after his family turned off his life support machine over the weekend. The actor was hospitalised earlier this month after he was found unconscious in his home and his spokesman, Phil Brock revealed he was found with a cocktail of "painkillers and cold medicine in his system", and doctors went on to diagnose him with pneumonia and sepsis, a potentially fatal blood poisoning caused by a bacterial infection. He remained in a coma and his family decided to switch off his life support machine... That Sean Kinsgton has been hospitalised after having an accident on a jet-ski. His celeb friends like Rihanna have been tweeting him best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery...That Mark Zuckerberg's been wandering around the streets of Dublin lately. Looks like's he's a little lost, he should have 'checked in' somewhere to help him find his way. Oh, no, wait, maybe he was looking for the boozer all along...That Lady GaGa's feet have had enough of her crazy shoes and she's been forced to go to see a chiropodist. After suffering bad shooting pains in her Achilles tendon and noticing two bunions emerge, an insider told the Daily Mirror: "For the past two years, Gaga has lived virtually day-in, day-out in huge platform heels. It has become second nature for her to clamber out of bed and slip on a pair of skyscraper stilettos. For her, they're almost as comfy as slippers. Unfortunately, her feet don't agree. As well as dry, cracked heels, she is developing not-so-pretty corns and has been suffering with acute tendonitis. The last thing she wants to do is be out of action and unable to dance, so her team advised her to get specialist help."...That Katie Price got Leandro's name tattooed on her ankle. Instead of getting the full name though, she opted for Leo instead...That I'm sorry for the lack of photos today but the only snaps I could find were celebs walking on the street on their way to get lunch or, lots of irrelevant folk hosting parties in Las Vegas.

Alicia Coyle