Not entirely sure what it is you're doing for your summer holidays this year? Or even further afield, not sure if you want to head out of the country for Christmas? Well, The Yacht Week is dropping it's anchor in Dublin over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend to help make that decision a little easier.

Yacht Week is a sort of DIY holiday experience, where you and a group of your friends - or a group of NEW friends - pick a yacht, pick a destination, and set sail for a week of partying, adventuring and/or relaxing. You'll be aboard one of the international flotilla, with around fifty or sixty other yachts each week from different nationalities. You might even cross paths a few times!


But before any of that, the good people at The Yacht Week are throwing a fancy soiree in Dublin City Centre, starting off with a getting-to-know-you nautical themed brunch, before kicking-off with an after-party that should see you bopping away into the wee hours of the night. There's also a raffle for all who attend the day event, with a chance for two people who win a spot on one of the yachts!

For more info on the event, you can visit the FB page HERE.