It's one of the greatest conundrums that humanity has ever faced: are we alone in the universe?

According to an American UFO expert, we're not - and he has proof, as he told the Mexican parliament during a hearing about UFOs yesterday.

Journalist and UFO scientist Jaime Maussan presented two alleged 1800-year-old fossilised alien bodies to Mexican government officials, exhibiting the alleged corpses in glass cases and testifying under oath that his findings were true.

"These specimens are not part of the evolution of our world. They were not recovered from a UFO scrap," Maussan said, revealing that they were recovered from Cusco in Peru. "They were found fossilised in a diatom moss mine," he added.

He added that scientists in Mexico had applied radiocarbon testing to determine how old they were, and although they were fossilised they were covered in a layer of sand. Maussan claimed that over 30% of the beings' DNA was unknown, and that one specimen had implants comprised of rare metal osmium, and the other had eggs inside it, as detailed by an x-ray.

"We are not alone in the vast universe, we need to accept this reality," he told the parliament, while Harvard professsor of astrophysics Ari Loeb and former US pilot Ryan Graves also testified.

However, it should be pointed out that similar claims made by Maussan in the past have been debunked.