One thing you can always count on from siblings, especially the older ones, is their ability to rip the piss out of you and keep you grounded when you're on a high.

The exact same is true when you're in a family of acting royalty as Bill Skarsgard discovered on the red carpet at the premiere of 'It' thanks to the constant face-pulling that older brother Alexander provided.

Brothers Alexander and Gustaf were both on hand to make sure Bill didn't let the fame get to him or take himself too seriously at the Hollywood premiere yesterday, with 41-year-old Alexander clearly regressing to his annoying older brother persona while posing for paparazzi.

Bill, for his part, managed to keep it together. Years of experience clearly paying off.

Photos via WENN

Bill is also doing the rounds on late night this week and spoke to Jimmy Kimmel last night about what life in the Skarsgard house is like and what playing the ever-terrifying Pennywise the Clown was like on the set of 'It'.