Anyone ever been puked on? I have and thus feel a huge comradery with young Alex Turner right about now. I was standing in line for the toilet at Strictly Fish (yes, I'm that old) when the main door burst open and some blonde bird spray painted me head to toe. She didn't just go for the feet, no, she started at the side of my face and moved her head slowly downwards while projectiling down the right hand side of my body. Traumatised. Although, at least I wasn't kissing her at the time... Seemingly Alex and his girlfriend Alexa Chung were enjoying a spot of frenzied tonsil tennis at last night's NME Awards when the following happened: "Alex and Alexa were having a cheeky snog by the lifts shortly before he was due to go on stage... It was all getting pretty heated when all of a sudden Alexa began to heave - and was suddenly violently sick (on his new trainers by all accounts). After filming her show for T4 all day it appears she'd developed a severe bout of food poisoning. Alex was a knight in shining armour though. He insisted on accompanying her to the toilets and holding her hair back as she hurled into the loo." Food poisoning, eh? She didn't just suddenly open her eyes, no? *ducks*